Howto install geordi on Ubuntu

24 January 2008 | 15:16 | Howtos, Linux, Programming | No Comments

Many people seem to have problems with installing geordi on Ubuntu. This article extends geordi installation instructions with necessary steps to make a successful installation on Ubuntu Gutsy. First of all, it is very important to grab ghc6 from Ubuntu repositories, not from! The one from will give you the following error when […]

LibQxt 0.3.0

5 January 2008 | 14:49 | Programming, Qt, Qxt | 1 Comment

A few days ago, LibQxt 0.3.0 was released. Congratulations again, keep up the good work guys! I’m particularly impressed how QxtGlobalShortcut found its shape. This change derives from last fall when QxtNativeEventFilter was introduced. This gave us the possibility to refactor global shortcut aka. hotkey functionality out of QxtApplication. Today, as in LibQxt 0.3.0, QxtGlobalShortcut […]

Hooray for Qxt!

18 December 2007 | 19:56 | Programming, Qt, Qxt | No Comments

It was two weeks ago when Qxt turned one year and two days ago when svn passed revision 1000. Congrats guys! 😉

Bad implementation

18 November 2007 | 20:09 | Programming | 2 Comments

A funny screenshot from fall 2005. Back then, I attended to an university project which aimed at writing some software for N770. We did some stupid mistakes, such as modifying GUI from worker threads so one day I bumped into quite an amusing error message: O’rly? 🙂

Installing Kubuntu from an USB-stick

1 November 2007 | 20:36 | Howtos, Linux | No Comments

My CD/DVD-drive broke recently so I decided to try installing Kubuntu Gutsy from an USB-stick. I have been using alternate installers ever since my bad experiences (crashes, lost partitions.. probably my fault but still) with the desktop installer in its early days. So I started with downloading kubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso and by following these instructions: I […]

Experiences with Mandriva 2008

1 November 2007 | 19:53 | Linux | No Comments

A short list of experiences I promised: Did I miss something or is LocaleDrake really missing Finland in the list of countries? I somehow got the feeling that quite a lot of progress dialogs and such were popping up, sometimes even one popup on top of another RpmDrake rocks I found it weird that no […]

Trolltech DevDays 2007

1 November 2007 | 16:47 | Qt, Qxt | No Comments

A few pics from Trolltech Developer Days 2007 held in Munich: Sorry for poor quality at times. I’m a lousy photo shooter. 😉

A difficult choice

8 October 2007 | 21:45 | Linux | 2 Comments

This is such a pity. The bug that originally drove me away from Kubuntu seems still not have been fully resolved. As far as I remember, I experienced such shutdown problems for the first time with Dapper or Edgy. I can’t remember for sure. As you can see from my comment to that bug, with […]


6 October 2007 | 20:47 | Personal | No Comments

For those of you who were curious about it, “excelsior” is a motto of Utti Jaeger Regiment. It’s Latin and means “higher”.

Sightseeing PCLinuxOS

14 September 2007 | 0:20 | Linux | No Comments

I read somewhere that PCLOS is much faster than Kubuntu. So I decided to give it a try. I must admit that PCLOS indeed feels pretty fast. For example, there is definitely less lag and flicker while resizing and moving windows. However, I’m pretty unimpressed with the way KMenu has been raped. For me it […]