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Say hello to QxtTabBar::TabMovementMode

« 3 July 2008 | 11:10 | Programming, Qt, Qxt | 1 Comment »

It was about the time to give Qxt some attention. Yesterday I finally took care of a TODO task added by myself in 14th of February: “draggable tabs”. Say hello to QxtTabBar::TabMovementMode: QxtTabBar::NoMovement QxtTabBar::InPlaceMovement QxtTabBar::DragDropMovement Like the name suggests, QxtTabBar::NoMovement doesn’t allow tab movement. QxtTabBar::InPlaceMovement handles moving of tabs “in place”, which means that the […]

LibQxt 0.3.0

« 5 January 2008 | 14:49 | Programming, Qt, Qxt | 1 Comment »

A few days ago, LibQxt 0.3.0 was released. Congratulations again, keep up the good work guys! I’m particularly impressed how QxtGlobalShortcut found its shape. This change derives from last fall when QxtNativeEventFilter was introduced. This gave us the possibility to refactor global shortcut aka. hotkey functionality out of QxtApplication. Today, as in LibQxt 0.3.0, QxtGlobalShortcut […]

Hooray for Qxt!

« 18 December 2007 | 19:56 | Programming, Qt, Qxt | No Comments »

It was two weeks ago when Qxt turned one year and two days ago when svn passed revision 1000. Congrats guys! 😉

Trolltech DevDays 2007

« 1 November 2007 | 16:47 | Qt, Qxt | No Comments »

A few pics from Trolltech Developer Days 2007 held in Munich: Sorry for poor quality at times. I’m a lousy photo shooter. 😉

Qt Centre Programming Contest 2007

« 26 July 2007 | 1:29 | Programming, Qt, Qxt | No Comments »

This is a story of a programmer who participated in the Qt Centre programming contest. January The contest was announced in January 2007, the same time when Qt Centre was celebrating its first anniversary. As an active user on the forum, I really wanted to participate, but the problem was that I had no decent […]