LibQxt 0.6.2

The Qxt team is proud to announce the immediate release of LibQxt version 0.6.2 containing improvements and bug fixes to the 0.6.x series.

Change log:

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  1. Javi Moya

    It would be nice if you provide an easy guide (step by step) of how to “install” the lib in Windows… because the old instructions doesn’t works.
    thank you

  2. J-P Nurmi

    Could you be more specific, please? “Doesn’t work” gives me no clue what might be the problem you are facing. So did you do the standard 1) configure 2) (n)make and 3) (n)make install mantra?

  3. Javi Moya

    sorry… but my english is very limited….

    Just download QT for windows (mingw32)…
    and try to follow your instructions (with the mingw32 equivalents)…
    It doesn’t “work”
    You got errors.
    If you could write a tested step by step guide… a lot of people would use your lib.

    Your lib is great (I have configured sucesfull in the past)… but now it’s very difficult (for me impossible) to configure in Windows with mingw32 qt.


  4. J-P Nurmi

    Your english is not a problem. The problem is that you are not providing enough information. I’m afraid I cannot help you if you don’t tell me the errors you get.

    As you can see, the 1-2-3 procedure proposed above works just fine for me:

  5. Krish

    I am also having problems setting up libqxt v0.6.2 under windows Xp. I have QTSDK installed under C:\QTSDK, and I added following paths to environment variable PATH:
    – C:\QtSDK\mingw\bin;
    – C:\QtSDK\Desktop\Qt\4.7.4\mingw\bin;
    I unzipped the “” to C:\Temp and then ran configure.bat. The output from configure.bat is in the link below:
    After I configure I don’t see any make.bat or make.* files, though there is a “Makefile” without extension.
    Then I executed following:

    Now, I don’t see it copying the header files, when I opened one of the examples from “C:\Temp\libqxt-libqxt-v0.6.2\examples\country” it gave me error for headers.


  6. J-P Nurmi

    Hi Krish, you should run “make install” to install the headers and libs. Don’t forget to re-open the example project (or re-run qmake) after installing Qxt.

  7. Krish

    Thanks, I got the “make install” to run, the command line which I used was:
    >mingw32-make -f Makefile install
    it did copy all the headers and libs, but when I opened the example project “country” I am getting error “qrc_country.cpp file not found”. I explored a bit further and found that the QXT widgets are not showing in the QT Creator, but when I run “C:\QtSDK\Desktop\Qt\4.7.4\mingw\bin\designer.exe” it shows the widgets. My QT creator is run from the “C:\QtSDK\QtCreator\bin”, and the designer.exe in this folder does not show the widgets.

    How do I configure my QT Creator to show the widgets?

  8. J-P Nurmi

    The convenient make.bat file comes with Qt (I have it in C:\Qt\4.7.4\bin). What comes to getting the Qxt Designer Plugin available in Qt Creator, that’s a bit more complex story.. 🙂 MinGW and MSVC binaries are incompatible (for example, an app built with MSVC cannot load plugins built with MinGW and vice versa). Qt Creator itself has been built with MSVC, so the Qxt Designer Plugin needs to be built with a compatible toolchain and then copied over to the approriate plugin dir. Unfortunately, I have never done this myself, but maybe the folks at the great Qt Centre Forum ( could help you further ?

  9. Krish

    :), it would have been nice to have Qt Creator available for windows built using
    mingw, I got the Qt Creator build to work. The below link had been a great help to build Qt Creator, specially the comment from Aleksi Hänninen:

    I am quoting Aleksi below:

    -> So, if you have the Qt Source -module installed in your Qt SDK, copy the \QtSources\4.7.4\src\corelib\kernel\qwineventnotifier_p.h file to \Desktop\Qt\4.7.4\mingw\include\QtCore\private (you need to add private folder into the QtCore folder).

    Then to run the app:

    Open “Qt 4.7.4 for Desktop (MinGW)” (from Qt SDK startup folder -> Desktop)
    In the opening command prompt,
    cd to the shadow build directory
    Run (makes a debug build by default?): qmake “QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS=” ..\creator\
    Run: mingw32-make -s
    Set PATH to include the bin folder of the shadow build dir, and run qtcreator
    –> The Compiled Qt Creator opens.

    Will be rebuilding libQxt, hopefully it works.

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