LibQxt 0.6.0

The Qxt team is proud to announce the immediate release of LibQxt version 0.6.0.

LibQxt, an extension library for Qt, provides a suite of cross-platform utility classes to add functionality not readily available in the Qt toolkit by Nokia.

LibQxt 0.6.0 introduces new features and contains bug fixes to the 0.5.x series:

  • General
    • Revised the build system
    • Revised docs (now based on qdoc3)
    • QxtConfig.cmake
  • Bug fixes
    • #4 QxtDaemon::daemonize() compilation warning
    • #24 QxtFlowView::currentIndex()
    • #29 qxtwecore
    • #33 Problem in QxtMailMessage
    • #34 Debug PDB files
    • #36 QxtCommandoptions on Windows wrong option parsing
    • #41 Compilation issue on Mac
  • QxtCore
    • Added QxtModelSerializer
    • Removed obsolete QxtSemaphore
    • Added QxtJSON
  • QxtCrypto
    • Revised QxtBlowfish
  • QxtGui
    • Added rich text support to QxtItemDelegate
    • Removed obsolete QxtTabWidget::TabMovementMode & QxtTabBar
    • Removed obsolete QxtDockWidget
    • Revised QxtConfigDialog & QxtConfigWidget
    • Enhanced QxtWindowSystem::idleTime() to resolve libXss at run-time
    • Added QxtCrumbView::crumbDelegate()
    • Added QxtFilterDialog and QxtLookupLineEdit
  • QxtNetwork
    • Added QxtXmlRpc
    • Added QxtMainAttachment::fromFile()
    • Revised QxtSmtp
    • Added QxtJSONRpcClient and QxtJSONRpcCall
  • Added QxtZeroConf module

More information and downloads are available at

4 Responses to “LibQxt 0.6.0”

  1. Harish Surana

    Thanks for this release.

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  3. Karl Stahl

    Does this release of Qxt support serial ports on Windows? It sure would be nice to have a serial port class that worked on both Mac as well as Windows (qextSerialPort does not).

  4. J-P Nurmi

    Hi Karl,

    Unfortunately, QxtSerialDevice is still missing Windows specific implementation. According to my knowledge, there is nobody working on it at the moment. We are more than willing to accept help in form of contributions. Feel free to join #qxt on freenode or send emails to our mailing list to discuss more.

    Br, J-P

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