Say hello to QxtTabBar::TabMovementMode

It was about the time to give Qxt some attention. Yesterday I finally took care of a TODO task added by myself in 14th of February: “draggable tabs”. Say hello to QxtTabBar::TabMovementMode:

  • QxtTabBar::NoMovement
  • QxtTabBar::InPlaceMovement
  • QxtTabBar::DragDropMovement

Like the name suggests, QxtTabBar::NoMovement doesn’t allow tab movement. QxtTabBar::InPlaceMovement handles moving of tabs “in place”, which means that the tab being moved follows mouse. This is somewhat similar than how Konqueror handles tab dragging with the middle mouse button. QxtTabBar::DragDropMovement, implemented earlier by Momesana, does tab movement using drag and drop. This is a bit similar to how Firefox handles tab movement although QxtTabBar still misses a neat drop indicator.

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  1. J-P Nurmi

    This is a bit ironic, but at the same time at ex-TT side: 🙂

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