LibQxt 0.3.0

A few days ago, LibQxt 0.3.0 was released. Congratulations again, keep up the good work guys!

I’m particularly impressed how QxtGlobalShortcut found its shape. This change derives from last fall when QxtNativeEventFilter was introduced. This gave us the possibility to refactor global shortcut aka. hotkey functionality out of QxtApplication. Today, as in LibQxt 0.3.0, QxtGlobalShortcut is pretty much identical to QShortcut. Yay!

PS. It also looks like a new member is joining our forces. Welcome Thomas Müller alias DeepDiver! Your work on QxtCountryComboBox so far has been pretty impressive.

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  1. DeepDiver

    Hi Qxt,

    thanks for your warm welcome! So far it has been very exciting to work with you!

    Keep on rocking!


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