Bad implementation

A funny screenshot from fall 2005. Back then, I attended to an university project which aimed at writing some software for N770. We did some stupid mistakes, such as modifying GUI from worker threads so one day I bumped into quite an amusing error message:


O’rly? 🙂

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  1. Wysota

    Lol… I remember having similar problems with my early Qt apps. Unfortunately X didn’t notify me of the bad implementation, so the application kept crashing 😉 I spent lots of time trying to pinpoint the problem, but at the end failed to do so. This was an academic project so I had to show it to my teacher. And guess what – it didn’t crash!

  2. J-P Nurmi

    Well, you know, from what we’ve seen at Qt Centre, it seems to be quite a common mistake when you drift to the world of GUI programming. 🙂

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