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Bad implementation

« 18 November 2007 | 20:09 | Programming | 2 Comments »

A funny screenshot from fall 2005. Back then, I attended to an university project which aimed at writing some software for N770. We did some stupid mistakes, such as modifying GUI from worker threads so one day I bumped into quite an amusing error message: O’rly? 🙂

Installing Kubuntu from an USB-stick

« 1 November 2007 | 20:36 | Howtos, Linux | No Comments »

My CD/DVD-drive broke recently so I decided to try installing Kubuntu Gutsy from an USB-stick. I have been using alternate installers ever since my bad experiences (crashes, lost partitions.. probably my fault but still) with the desktop installer in its early days. So I started with downloading kubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso and by following these instructions: I […]

Experiences with Mandriva 2008

« 1 November 2007 | 19:53 | Linux | No Comments »

A short list of experiences I promised: Did I miss something or is LocaleDrake really missing Finland in the list of countries? I somehow got the feeling that quite a lot of progress dialogs and such were popping up, sometimes even one popup on top of another RpmDrake rocks I found it weird that no […]

Trolltech DevDays 2007

« 1 November 2007 | 16:47 | Qt, Qxt | No Comments »

A few pics from Trolltech Developer Days 2007 held in Munich: Sorry for poor quality at times. I’m a lousy photo shooter. 😉