A difficult choice

This is such a pity. The bug that originally drove me away from Kubuntu seems still not have been fully resolved. As far as I remember, I experienced such shutdown problems for the first time with Dapper or Edgy. I can’t remember for sure. As you can see from my comment to that bug, with Feisty it went even worse for me. I was really hoping it would get fixed at last to Gutsy but while looking at the recent comments, the situation is not looking too flattering.

Back then, I decided to give PCLOS a try. I’ve been struggling with it for almost a month for now. I must admit I’m not somehow feeling home. Also, I keep having serious difficulties with my wireless mouse (Logitech MX700) which just doesn’t always function properly. I never had any problems with my mouse before, with any other distros I tried.

It’s time for me to move on. I’m planning to continue the Linux tour with upcoming Mandriva 2008.

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  1. Wysota

    Mandriva 2008 is out. So far I haven’t experienced any problems with it so I guess I’m happy. Some people say Mandriva is the most Windows-like distro out there and they tend to turn away from it with disgust, but I don’t care. I started using Mandriva (well… Mandrake) back in 2001 and I’ve been using it ever since. Apart from that I use Debian for my server (but pure Debian stable isn’t really a good desktop system) and sometimes play with LFS (which rocks! but requires much attention).

    I’m planning to try kubuntu, but knowing my luck, I won’t experience shutdown problems only because the computer won’t even start 😉

  2. J-P Nurmi

    Thanks Wysota for your views. Actually, I already installed Mandriva 2008 last night. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to play with it yet. I will post my experiences later on once I get more familiar with it. 🙂

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