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Lapland here I come

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Wohoo! Guess whose vacation just started off today? Tonight, we are heading to Finnish Lapland. 800 kilometers away from office. A cottage with no electricity nor running water. Total relax for a week or two, who knows. No strict plans made. See you sometime later in August!

Qt Centre Programming Contest 2007

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This is a story of a programmer who participated in the Qt Centre programming contest. January The contest was announced in January 2007, the same time when Qt Centre was celebrating its first anniversary. As an active user on the forum, I really wanted to participate, but the problem was that I had no decent […]


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Hey, I finally got myself to set up a blog! Don’t expect me to be that active poster, though. I’m not one of those extremely verbose guys. However, I do still promise to post something every once in a while. As some of you might already know, I have recently become a huge fan of […]